Busia's East Side Polonia Krupnik

Made in a traditonal manner

Busia's East Side Krupnik takes great pride in making historically accurate krupnik.  As in the Old Country, our krupnik is made by women in small batches by hand using only natural ingredients.  We do not compromise our krupnik by using non traditional ingredients or extracts. 

Made on the East Side

Bussia's East Side Krupnik is distilled within the former Buffalo China Complex.  The distillery is located at 97 Buffalo China Road, just off of Bailey Ave. on Buffalo's East Side.  Yoga Pants Vodkas is proud to be part of the economic redevelopment of Buffalo's often forgotten and overlooked East Side. 

Buffalo's Clear Krupnik Choice

Triple filtered to remove unsightly suspended particles, and bottled at 80 proof, Busia's East Side Krupnik provides a crisp, clear, and non -watered down traditional krupnik taste.