Yoga Pants Vodkas
Buffalo, New York

Where women with a passion for healthy living, strive to make a difference while distilling world-class spirts.

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Yoga Pants Vodkas is a craft distillery located in the historic 1903 Buffalo China Complex.  Established in 2017, Yoga Pants Vodkas is owned, managed and staffed by women who have a passion for distilling and a healthy lifestyle.  Yoga Pants Vodkas' goal is to empower women and be a positive force within the community.  

Busias's East Side Krupnik


Why do we make Krupnik?  For a number of reasons.  The first, a couple of our distillers are Buffalo Polish.  The second is that Krupnik is traditionally made by women, and as a female owned and staffed distillery it seems like a natural fit.  Third, our craft distillery is located on Buffalo's East Side, the historic home of Buffalo's Polish community.

Blonde Bush is Expensive


Blonde Bush Vodka is our premium honey and spice and everything nice flavored vodka.  Hand made in small batches, it is distilled from a wheat grass and cane sugar based mash. Blonde Bush Vodka provides a unique taste experience, and one taste of our sweet Blonde Bush will have you cummmmming back multiple times for more.

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Yoga Pants Vodkas, LLC

95 Buffalo China Road, Buffalo, NY, USA

(716) 984-7562


Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm

Saturday:               9am - 1pm